• Air Gear

    Alternative: エアギア; エア・ギア (Japanese); 飛輪少年; 飞轮少年 (Chinese); 에어기어 (Korean); Air Gear Unlimited; AirGear (English); ขาคู่ทะลุฟ้า (Thai)
  • Author(s): Oh! Great
  • Genres : Romance -  Comedy -  Drama -  School life -  Sci fi -  Ecchi -  Harem -  Shounen -  Fantasy -  Action -  Sports
  • Status : Completed
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    Air Gear1 votes : 4.5 / 5

Air Gear summary:

A fresh fad by the title of 'Air Treks' (a futuristic development of aggressive skating) has embroiled the country 's youth and all over gangs are being formed that compete in several events using their At. Ikki is a middle school boy who's the toughest street fighting punk in addition to that he lives with 4 stunning sisters that took him, to the east-side of town. But what Ikki does not understand is that girls are part of probably one of the most of the most ill-famed At gangs, 'Sleeping Forest'. It will not take Ikki discovers about the universe of Air Treks and is propelled in to a destiny he'd not foreseen a long time before before. The primary protagonist of the story, he was was presented with Air Treks (in the anime, he took them himself) and shortly delved into the universe of Storm Riders. There's a tiny crow named Kuu that lives in his hair. As a censor, Kuu was employed in the anime. Eventually he produces a-team, Kogarasumaru along with Onigiri, Kazu and his two close friends. Finally Buccha, Agito/Akito (Lind is found in a later period) join Kogarasumaru. Initially trained to become the Wind King, and and in the end the Sky King by Sora, he soon finds himself betrayed by Sora and Nike (Sora's twin brother), who conspire together to steal his Regalia. Ikki is stripped of the opportunity to become the Wind King when they do this. Soon afterwards, Ikki is rather named the Storm King, following the "Hurricane Road." He's got the capacity to make use of his Air Trick's to to control the air current. His specific techniques enables him to develop a space where there's absolutely no current of air called Null Wind, like the eye of a hurricane, that might describe his route's name.(Conflict amount of 117 in conflict with Sleipnir)

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